Kernow Fires supply and install wood burners and multi fuel stoves in Cornwall.Kernow Fires supply and install wood burners and multi fuel stoves in Cornwall.

Kernow Fires Replace your open fire!

Replace your open fire!

15 December 2021

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Options for replacing your open fire

There are a number of reasons why you should replace you open fire.  Two of the strongest are:

Efficiency.  When burning fuel in an open fire 80% of your heat goes up the chimney, heating the chimney and not a lot else!

Environment.  Huge changes in the way woodburners work and are manufactured, mean that using a modern woodburner, combined with dry wood, can be an efficient way to heat your home.  All the woodburners at Kernow Fires meet 2022 Ecodesign regulations, so you can rest assured that your new fire will be at least 80% efficient if not better.

All The OPtions

We have all the options you may need when changing from an open fire.  The closet thing is a modern woodburning stove and something like a Contura i4 is made specifically to fit into a standard milner opening, making it a great option for anyone who wants a simple change.

Other options include Gas or Electric fires.  Both of which have also come a long way in design and effieciency.

Feel free to have a good look through our website at all the options or pop into our showroom to get some great ideas on how you can improve the efficiency and warmth of your home.

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