Kernow Fires supply and install wood burners and multi fuel stoves in Cornwall.Kernow Fires supply and install wood burners and multi fuel stoves in Cornwall.

Kernow Fires Woodburners Available Now

We have the following stoves currently in stock and available for fitting this Autumn

20th September 23, Woodburners In Stock Now**

Stoves currently in stock, with fitting available now.  Anyone who has been following stock over the last few months will be aware of huge changes in what is available each month.  If you would like to secure a stove that is in stock please get in touch.  We can still order any stove in any range for you but please be aware delivery times still vary greatly, from a few weeks up to nine months, we will do our best to keep you informed of delivery dates but they do change, which is why we are trying to be as organised as possible with our best sellers.  We update this page as often as possible and stock will vary from what is below.

Charnwood - We have good options for 3-5kw stoves in this collection with inset and freestanding options. Charnwood are a British Brand and are very reliable and easy to use.
Cranmore 3 & 5, Aire 3 & 5 with or without a store stand, C4 inset and freestanding, The Cranmore.
If you are looking for something for a timber structure such as lodge, garden room or shepherd hut we have the Charnwood Pods available

Contura - Are a Swedish company with highly reliable and modern designs. Variable wait times - these are our most and are currently in stock
i4M 4 sided frame in Grey, i4M 4 sided frame in Black, i5L in grey ,330G black glass door , 51L in black , 510G style in black, 596 style in black

Stuv - highly engineered and highly desirable fires, some of the best in Europe. Variable wait times - these are our most and are currently in stock
inset 46 x 55, nset 66 x 50, inset 76 x 60, 66/55H freestanding, 46 x 55

And a variety of individual stoves icluding the Rais caro 90 & 110, Woodwarm Fire bug 8kW and Firebright 5kW and Thermatech TT22 & TT23RG

As you can see we have a good range in stock but please be aware numbers change daily. We have deliveries due every month moving forward and will update you when they arrive.

Please use our online system to recieve an estimate for your job, you can pay a deposit to secure the stove by calling the office direct or popping in to see us anytime. We will be happy to see you and are able to offer advice on which stove would best suit your budget and home.

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** Please note that these items were in stock on the date referenced above however- they are being sold everyday and so stock levels will change accordingly. We have new deliveries in regularly and you will be able to find out what is in stock each day by speaking to a member of staff.

Stock Stove Details

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