Kernow Fires supply and install wood burners and multi fuel stoves in Cornwall.Kernow Fires supply and install wood burners and multi fuel stoves in Cornwall.

Kernow Fires Charnwood SLX

The Charnwood SLX 20 is a multi-fuel stove with a more contemporary feel and sophisticated operation. It simplifies the real fire process: burning less fuel, more cleanly with maximum efficiency and low emissions all this whilst retaining a simple, classic look. The SLX 20 has been carefully designed to get the very best out of the fuel that is burnt. This can be wood, smokeless fuel or briquettes. All these fuels can be burnt at optimum efficiency, on the well-proven Charnwood converting grate. This is the same grate used in our Country 16b and all Skye, Arc, Cove and Island models: the best grate system on the market. Simple, clean and highly effective.

The cast iron and plate steel exterior is finished in a durable matt stove paint (pictured opposite in almond but also available in seven other colours). The SLX 20 is purely for room heating delivering up to 5.4kW of heat. It is fully controllable with a built in thermostat to regulate the heat output to the room. Both the inset and freestanding models come with the option of a small add-in-boiler to heat the domestic hot water.

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