Kernow Fires supply and install wood burners and multi fuel stoves in Cornwall.Kernow Fires supply and install wood burners and multi fuel stoves in Cornwall.

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Kernow Biomass has a Biomass showroom in Wadebridge. Graham, our Biomass expert is experienced in heating and plumbing installations, and is able to guide you through the information process all the way to installation and maintenance of your new heating system.

Some of the reasons people are converting to Biomass in Cornwall:

Wood pellet, chip and logs are still cheaper forms of heating than oil, electric and LPG.

The current government RHI grant scheme offers 7 year domestic and 20 year commercial tariffs, which will pay back initial costs and in most instances return a profit.

Pellet and chip offers near maintenance-free heating

Biomass is a sustainable source of heating which should remain competitively priced in the future despite the inevitable rising cost of oil and gas.

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The Kernow Biomass Showroom based on Trenant Industrial Estate in Wadebridge has the KWB Pellet Fire Plus commercial pellet biomass boiler system working and providing heating and hot water for all our buildings. Alongside this is a selection of other green heating options including a domestic biomass pellet boiler from winhager and HDG, hot water solar panels and information on ground and air source heat pumps. The biomass boiler showroom connects to our stove showroom which displays over 80 wood and multifuel stoves including a number with boiler stoves.

Graham is on hand to answer any initial questions you may have regarding a biomass heating systems and RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) grants. He can help you assess your requirements and suggest the appropriate green heating system prior to carrying out an initial assessment of costs and feasibility. We offer a complete package from the very beginning, including design, building works, installation and ongoing maintenance.

Introducing our Products. KWB stands for Kraft (power) and Wärme (heat) from Biomasse (biomass) and is synonymous with cutting-edge biomass boiler heating systems. The brand from Styria in Austria was created by the pioneering spirit of the researcher August Raggam and the committed organic farmer Erwin Stubenschrott, who as the pioneers of regenerative energies have always followed a clear vision: We Provide Energy for Life! Kernow Biomass are the installers for KWB biomass boilers in Cornwall.

With this promise, KWB provide our customers with the certainty that KWB's biomass heating systems set an unmistakable signal for the responsible handling of resources and the protection of life for the next generations on our Earth.

KWB biomass boilers have been developing and producing innovative premium heating system solutions since 1994. From that time on, KWB have repeatedly reconfirmed their continuous innovative strengths in the further developments produced as a brand manufacturer. Starting with the first wood chip heating system with fully automatic heat exchanger cleaning system, the development of the under-feed combustion for wood pellet heating systems, to the establishment of the first (and currently the largest) private research and development centre for biomass in Europe. KWB Research and Development Centre for biomass in Europe.

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KWB PelletfirePlus is the robust pellet heating system for economical heating. The large power range of 45 to 135 kW combined with highest flue flexibility makes it possible to deploy the new KWB PelletfirePlus pellet heating system in larger single family homes, commercial facilities including smaller district heating networks.

The robust pellet heating System for economical heating

CFD-optimised silicon-carbide combustion chamber

CFD-optimised nozzle geometry and arrangement
High efficiency combustion
Clean combustion Crawler burner
Automatic ash removal

Ratings: 45, 55, 65, 75, 95, 115, 135 kW

Area of application: detached and semi-detached houses, agriculture, large buildings (schools, housing), industry, district heating networks

KWB Classic It is still in fashion to use log wood for heating. With a burning time of up to 20 hours, the KWB Classicfire combines the benefits of traditional wood heating with the convenience of modern heating systems. The KWB Classicfire can fire log wood with a maximum length of 55 cm and coarse wood chips.

A lambda sensor ensures high combustion quality and very low emissions. A combination of the KWB Classicfire and a KWB buffer tank or stratified storage tank is ideal because it optimises utilisation of the heat generated.

Reliable and traditional heating for firewood up to 55 cm

Separate convenient heat-up door
Large fill area
Low emissions
Proven firing concept

Ratings: 20, 30, 40, 50 kW

Area of application: Detached and semi-detached houses, agriculture

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KWB Easyfire The Easyfire wood pellet heating systems with clean efficiency technology are among Europe's best-selling wood pellet heating systems and are the cleanest wood pellet heating systems in the world. Their power consumption is much less than that of a standard television set. But most importantly, they can cut your heating costs by half!

The under-feed combustion system, invented by KWB, ensures completely smooth combustion processes and enables emissions within the regulated guidelines. Thanks to the efficient combustion, emptying the convenient movable ash container is easy and comfortable, and is necessary only once every two years (depending on the size of the system).

Heat simply and cleanly

With a footprint of just 0.75 m²
convenient movable ash container
fits in any boiler room
emissions within the regulated guidelines

Ratings: 8, 12, 15, 22, 25, 30, 35 kW

Applications: Detached and semi-detached houses, agriculture, large buildings (schools, housing), industry

KWB Multifuel. The large power range of 20 to 120 kW combined with highest fuel flexibility makes it possible to deploy the new KWB Multifire wood chip and pellet heating system in a larger single family home, in commercial facilities including smaller district heating networks.

KWB Multifire is a robust all-rounder for economical heating.

CFD-optimised silicon-carbide combustion chamber
CFD-optimised nozzle geometry and arrangement
Stress-free high efficiency combustion
Crawler burner with high-alloy and self-cleaning cast rotary grate elements
Automatic ash removal High efficiency turbulators

Ratings: 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 120 kW

Area of application: Detached and semi-detached houses, agriculture, large buildings (schools, housing), industry, district heating networks

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KWB Powerfire Our power package is one of the most compact heating systems in the 150 to 300 kW power range. The KWB Powerfire can be fired with wood chips or pellets and is perfectly suited for supplying regional district heating networks and larger buildings and systems (contracting).

In this power range in particular, the payback period is particularly short. This means that the KWB Powerfire can also be leased. The "Energie Genie" (Energy Genius) and "Energy Globe Award" innovation prizes are proof of the high product quality of the KWB Powerfire.

Quiet power package for reliable heating

Compact rotary-grate combustion system

Cyclone combustion chamber for minimum emissions
Convenient 240-litre ash container
Extendible substructure
Full 10-year guarantee

Ratings: 130, 150, 200 (only available in the UK), 240, 300 kW

Area of application: Agriculture and outbuildings, large buildings (schools, housing), industry, district heating networks

For more than 85 years the name Windhager has been inseparably linked and synonymous with boiler technology of the highest quality ‘Made in Austria’. What started as a small metalworking shop in 1921 is now one of the biggest and most important companies in the industry and one of the leading manufacturers of biomass central heating systems in Europe.

In recent years Windhager has above all established a reputation as a specialist for pellet fired heating systems.

In-house research and development, highly qualified employees and the state of the art technology used at the production sites at the company headquarters in Seekirchen near Salzburg in Austria guarantee first class quality.

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Windhager pellet boilers heat your home with pellets. The BioWIN2 is a reliable pellet boiler providing long-term, carefree, and reliable heating. Windhager have 500 million operating hours of experience with pellet boilers, and have spent almost a century developing innovative wood heating systems. With all of this expertise, they have developed the BioWIN2 as a low pellet consuming and efficient boiler even in its lower output range. Therefore, a buffer is not usually needed. The ignition device is critical for the trouble-free operation of a pellet boiler, which is why this unique element, specifically designed by Winhager, is extremely durable, maintenance free, and ignites silently.

Benefits of a Windhager BioWIN2 Minimal space requirements

Long maintenance intervals Robust stainless steel burner with LowDust technology

Self-cleaning No buffer required

The Windhager BioWIN 2 on display in our showroom in Wadebridge, cornwall is a range of biomass boilers that are the smallest, highly efficient and durable biomass pellet boilers on the market and provides comfortable heating to all homes.

Requiring less than 1.5 metres of space, with minimum clearance included, the BioWIN 2 is the only pellet boiler that can fit into small, restricted areas and be installed flush to the wall requiring no service clearances to the rear, left or right of the appliance.

This state-of-the-art and extremely innovative pellet boiler provides homeowners with long- term, hassle-free and optimum efficiency levels of operation.

Fully equipped with a high quality stainless steel burner, LowDust technology and unique self- cleaning function, the BioWIN 2 ensures a cleaner environment, a cleaner burn and low maintenance required.

  • Minimal space requirements Long maintenance intervals
  • Robust stainless steel burner with LowDust technology
  • Self-cleaning function & removable ash box
  • Available in five models
  • Four outputs for manual and auto feed
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The Windhager BioWIN Excel is a high output, high efficiency wood pellet boiler with a small footprint.

The compact design of the BioWIN Excel means it can be installed in the smallest boiler rooms. Once in operation the BioWIN Excel is fully automated so that you can "Switch on and forget".

  • Fully automated wood pellet feed system, heat exchanger cleaning and integrated ash container
  • Stainless steel combustion burner bowl with patented cleaning mechanism
  • Unique development from many years of Windhager experience in the development and manufacturing of wood pellet boilers
  • Ideal for properties with high heat demands and commercial applications
  • Specifications
  • Output: 11kw - 60kw
  • Efficency: 92
  • Boiler: Yes

The Windhager BioWIN Kaskade is the first choice for a wood pellet boiler system where a large and varying output is required.

  • Duty / assist and duty / standby modes of operation, heating available during servicing and maintenance
  • Boiler output and demand controlled via the Windhager Kaskade operating system
  • Wide modulating output range to consistently provide maximum efficiencies
  • The pellet boiler solution for schools, hotels, commercial properties and district heating systems

- See more at:

  • Specifications
  • Output: 7kw - 180kw
  • Efficency: 92
  • Boiler: Yes
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The Windhager DuoWIN is a high quality wood gasification and pellet boiler in one. The DuoWIN is suitable for combined heating with logs, wood briquettes and wood pellets.

With its intelligent hybrid technology DuoWIN is a particularly efficient heating solution for all homes. The intelligent fuel-switching ensures the DuoWIN is efficient and economical to run.

The DuoWIN has two independent heat exchanger systems which offers double the reliability. Like all Windhager biomass boilers it provides efficient heating and ease of use.

  • Four output models available
  • Up to 25% more efficient in pellet operation
  • PowerBoost function
  • Pellet unit can be retro-fitted
  • Intelligent Fuel Switching Function

The Windhager VarioWIN is a compact design and high performance makes the VarioWIN the wood pellet boiler of choice for the energy efficient home.

  • With options of 3 fuel feeding systems the VarioWIN is the markets most adaptable wood pellet boiler – direct auger, pneumatic and manual pellet feeding
  • Optional ash compression system providing extended intervals between cleaning
  • High performance with a modulating output range to as low as 1kW
  • Available as a system boiler with all hydraulic and safety components integral to the appliance
  • Specifications
  • Output: 1kw - 12kw
  • Efficency: 92
  • Boiler: Yes
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The Windhager FireWIN Boimass Boiler with its contemporary design the FireWIN wood pellet boiler is an attractive feature providing full automation for heating and hot water.

  • Wood pellet boiler and stove in a single unit
  • Fully automated pellet feeding from a bulk store or hand feed options
  • Patented heat shield to reduce radiated heat in the summer months
  • Available as a system boiler with all hydraulic and safety components integral to the appliance
  • Specifications
  • Output: 4kw - 12kw
  • Efficency: 95
  • Boiler: Yes

Euroheat modern log boilers provide clean and efficient heating: they are fuel led by hand once or twice each day. When sized correctly the fuel chamber is large enough to hold enough energy in the form of wood to supply the average winter daily heating requirements. Occasionally during severe weather a second load may be required.

They operate at high levels of efficiency and have large fuelling chambers. Log boiler systems are applicable to all domestic sized situations and for smaller commercial applications, such as country houses and small industrial buildings.

Log boilers begin to become less practical if the system design requires regular refuelling. A correctly sized log boiler in average winter conditions will be ignited and fuelled once per day. In colder periods a second operation maybe required. When choosing a log boiler the main decision is the fuelling chamber size when deciding on a particular unit, not the kW output of the boiler.

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Ground Source Heat Pumps extract heat from the ground to provide efficient heating and hotwater. A popular choice for new builds and highly insulated homes. Efficient and low energy source of heating. Significant savings can be achieved under the Governments Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme (RHI). Fuel bills can be reduced as this system runs on very efficiently on electricity.

Air Source Heat Pumps extract the outside air, to provide efficient heating and hot water.

An air-to-water system has similar benefits to a ground source heat pump but with the advantage of requiring significantly less space to install.

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Key Features & Benefits of Ground and Air Source Heat Pumps:

Renewable Heat Incentive: significant savings can be achieved using air source heat pumps, under the government's new scheme the 'Renewable Heat Incentive' (RHI) allowing for an annual pay back rewarding those who invest in such qualifying technologies.
Reduce your fuel bills: air source heat pumps run on electricity, so there's no need to pay for other more expensive forms of heating using gas, oil or solid fuels.
Cut down on wasted electricity: heating your home with an air source heat pump is much more efficient than other conventional heating systems.

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Photovoltaic Panels (PV) capture the suns energy converting the sunlight into electricity, which can be used to run household appliances and lighting.

Each cell is made from one or two layers of a semi-conducting material, usually silicon. When natural UV light shines on the cells it creates an electric field. The stronger the solar radiation, the more electricity is produced. Recently introduced government schemes provide financial incentives to promote the installation of solar PV allowing you to benefit from lower electricity bills as well as profit from a guaranteed regular income (tax free).

Once your system has been commissioned by our MCS approved installers you will be able to claim a fixed figure for every unit of electricity produced.

Our panels are very easy to maintain with no moving parts and a self cleansing glass. Solar PV installations can provide up to 50% (sometimes more) of your annual electrical requirement, depending on the size, orientation and pitch of the array. The strength of PV cells is measured in kilowatt peak (kWp) – that's the amount of energy the cells generate in natural daylight.

Key Features & Benefits:

Feed in Tariffs: receive a set payment for all the electricity you produce, even if you use it yourself. The scheme not only allows you to recover your initial installation costs, but allows you to profit from solar PV generation for many years to come.
Cut your electricity bills: By creating your own electric supply you're able to reduce the amount of electric purchased from your energy supplier.
Sell electricity back to the grid: if your system is producing more electricity than you require, your system will automatically export the excess electricity back into the grid – this will entitle you to a 'bonus' payment of 3p per unit depending on the size of your system.

Rainwater Harvesting involves collecting rain from your roof tops then sending it down the guttering pipes to an underground storage tank buried within your garden.

The rainwater will first be filtered, and then an efficient submersible pump (which sits within the storage tank) will deliver the water (via a floating suction filter) back to the toilets, washing machine and garden taps. This could save you over 50% of your total water usage.

The pressure hose and any cables are ducted to the house through a sleeved pipe, any excess water from inside the tanks will discharge through a trapped overflow.

All our rain harvesting systems are compliant with current water regulations.

Key features & benefits:

Saves mains water: saving on your water bills by up to 50% of mains use.
Wide range of applications: rainwater can be re-used for flushing toilets, washing machines and garden taps.
Ideal for remote locations: provides an alternative to mains supply of water in remote areas.

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